Financial Counselling

If you’re experiencing financial hardship, our qualified financial counsellors work with you to improve your financial situation. Whether you’re having trouble paying bills, affording basic necessities, struggling with debt or just want to manage your budget better, we can help. 

Our financial counsellors provide free, non-judgemental, respectful, independent and confidential help to people facing financial difficulties. And with 12 partner organisations, we can help you find the best fit for you, in your local area. 

Financial counsellors can offer advice about your specific situation and support you to ease the immediate stress of financial hardship, including negotiating with debtors and advocating on your behalf. If you need further assistance, they are also able to help with information, education and referrals to other services. 

To read about the Financial Wellbeing Collective – click here

Best of all, our financial counselling services are FREE to access. 

Please call us on 1800 932 050 to find a counsellor near you. 

Find a Financial Counsellor near you

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