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Research shows that financial health and wellbeing has a significant impact on employee performance. It has been estimated that 1.8 million Australian workers suffer from prolonged financial stress, costing $31 billion in lost productivity through employee distraction and absenteeism.  

Those severely and moderately financially stressed are ineffective at work for approximately 7.7 hours a week and absent for a further 1.2 hours a week through sick days. Financial stress disproportionately impacts women and is not restricted to low-income earners. 

The research shows that financial education is one of the most used employee benefits when available. In fact, employees place an average value of $1,300 on financial education provided by employers (AMP, 2020). 

We have partnered with organisations such as Keystart and FMG to tailor financial coaching services to the specific needs of their clients and staff.  

Working with Keystart, a dedicated home loan lender offering lower entry costs customers and co-design experts, we developed a customer directed service, specifically customised to help participants financially thrive throughout their home loan journey and beyond.  

The outcomes speak for themselves. With a 95% net promoter score, and a 100% rating score across every session, 100% of our clients achieved a positive rise in their financial wellbeing and financial satisfaction ratings.  

We can work with you to provide specialised and person-centred financial coaching to your team to build financial resilience and wellbeing. 

Get in touch to find out how we can tailor our financial coaching to meet your needs.