Small Business Financial Counselling

Small business owners face unique financial challenges, so our specialised small business financial counsellors can help you negotiate debt, resolve disputes, understand financial documents, know your rights and apply for grants and concessions. 

We can help small business with:

  • Debt negotiation and advocacy with creditors such as banks or financial institutions.
  • Accessing dispute resolution services.
  • Providing information about insolvency.
  • Help understanding business and financial records.
  • Budgets and money plans.
  • Understanding their rights and accessing legal help.
  • Applicable grants and concessions.
  • Understanding the points where business and personal assets can become intertwined and its implications.

For appointments please contact our small business financial counsellors:

Anglicare WA (Joondalup)

1300 11 44 46

City of Cockburn

9411 3444

Gosnells Community Legal Centre

9398 1455

Money Mentors (Byford)

9581 1281

Or get in touch with us 
Flexible appointment options are available including face to face, over the phone, video/Skype, Zoom or WebEx.

The service cannot offer legal advice, corporate insolvency advice, investment advice, complex business advice or interpersonal disputes between business parties.